How to Find Peace and Wisdom

Step back, for a while, from everything outside you, from that which is external, from the comings and goings of the world, from the desires of the senses, from the disturbance of the intellect, and excuse yourself to the innermost space of your Mind.  There you will find yourself liberated from the distracting intrusion of selfishness.  You will also find a penetrating silence, a sacred serenity and a sense of joy.  If you rest there for some time, truth will begin to unfold itself to you.  Wisdom will come to you and show you who you really are and the nature of reality.

The longer you remain there, the more you will come to identify this sacred space as your real self.  You will realize that this is in fact who you are.  And you will be overwhelmed and in awe of your potential and begin on the most exhilerating experience of life: The Journey Within.

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