The Master Key System – Review, Results and Final Summary

The Master Key System - Week 1_Skeleton KeyIf you are looking for a clear plan to develop your potential, to become who you want to be and experience what you want to experience, I greatly recommend you enter on the path of The Master Key System.

It will transform your life, guaranteed.

This is a summary and my final review of my experience reading and applying not only the 19th – 24th chapters of Charles Haanel’s The Master Key System (free pdf download), but also my impressions of the book overall.

(This book was originally intended to be a weekly correspondence course, with each chapter being the focus of one week.  I am following this original intention of the author.  You can read the summary of each chapter and my reflections here.)

Here are the results I experienced, followed by a summary of The Master Key System itself.

The Results of Completing The Master Key System

I will do my best to keep this short and to the point.

I recently completed the entire 24 week Master Key System and am grateful that this book found its way into my life.  While it was not my only practice during this time, it had a profound and lasting effect on who I am.

Here is what I gained from reading and applying The Master Key System:

-A deeper understanding of how life works

-A much greater awareness of my own power

-I have much less fear and worry, primarily because I have experimented with life enough and become convinced that the universe is amazingly friendly to those who take the time to understand how things really work.

-I am gaining a clearer picture to what quantum physics has been telling us: our reality is determined by our beliefs and expectations.

-The confidence that I can get and achieve anything I want

-I am significantly more excited about life and waking up each morning with much more motivation and a sense of adventure

-Despite never having much ability to create visual pictures in my imagination (I seem to be more auditory and kinesthetic) I am noticing startling improvement in my ability to create visual images at will in my imagination.

-I can now understand the immense power of repeating affirmations, over and over and over, with feeling and conviction.

The Master Key System Summary

Though I am going to provide a simple summary of the entire system here, I must add that over 90% of the value of this book comes from doing the daily exercises prescribed and, without actually spending the few minutes each day on them, few results if any will come, even from a deep understanding of these words.

Charles Haanel’s ideas can be summed up in the following way.  When you are able to come into contact with the unlimited power within you, you will be able to use your mind to determine how you want your future to unfold and will be able to transform “gold in the mind…into gold in the heart and the hand”.  You will lose your fear, because you will have found that you will get out of life exactly what you put into it.  You will come into a deep understanding of the fact that your thoughts, especially your beliefs and expectations, will create your future circumstances.

Your main tools for choosing and creating your future lie in your imagination: 1) mentally visualizing to the point that you know for certain that your mental image will become your external reality) and by the use of repeated affirmations, whereby you literally convince your subconscious mind to believe that which you choose.

And, one way to achieve all of this, is to go through The Master Key System yourself.  And, if you take the time, you will get a greater understanding of all of this.

A Note on the Final Two Chapters

The final two chapters of the book were incredibly special.

But first, I have one side note I feel is important to mention.  Before I started this 24 week program, I read the last two chapters before anything else.  And, I must admit that while I did find them intriguing and compelling the first time I read them, when I re-read them after reading and applying the previous 22 chapters, I saw them in an entirely new light the second time around.

The first time I read them, I only understood their meaning in a shallow way, though I could glimpse that there was something profound in the words I was reading.  However, I was a completely different person after having gone through the first 22 weeks of the course, and when I re-read the final two chapters, I found that I understood them on a much deeper level.  Both chapters, the second time around, greatly organized and clarified my understanding of life itself.

So, if you are considering reading The Master Key System I would make two recommendations: 1) Read the final 2 chapters first so you can see how far you’ve come when you re-read them at the end and 2) ensure that you actually do practice the exercises each day, for I am certain I would’ve had little if any progress had I not spent the few minutes each day as the author prescribed.

In short, The Master Key System can significantly improve your life, as long as you take the few minutes a day to practice as the author recommends.  

The Master Key System - Week 1_We are today the result of our past thinking

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  1. Great question, Frank. I still highly recommend it. In fact, I have gone back a few times and re-practiced some of the exercises. I think it is excellent mental training. I think it’s greatest value lies in the weekly exercises and getting us to take action. So often, we read a book or learn something, but we do nothing about it. The Master Key System, however, it utterly focused on doing. And I think that is ultimately why we can see some benefit from going through this system.

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