A Simple (and Free) Way to Increase Mental Clarity Quickly

What happens if you drink a lot of sea water?  You dehydrate and die.  Too much salt.

The majority of our bodies are composed of water.  Dehydration can cloud your mind and slow down your brain function and focus.  Too much salt has a very real and direct effect on your mental clarity.  If you decrease your intake of salt you will be astonished at how much clearer you will be able to think, focus and process information.  Eating less salt is a simple and free way to increase mental clarity quickly.

Don’t just believe me, try it yourself.  Here is a very simple experiment that will show you how much (and how quickly) salt affects your brain power.

For one day, avoid salt as much as possible, not just salt that you add, but pre-packaged foods with added salt.  And drink plenty of water.  Be diligent so you can see how much potential mental clarity you can have.

The following morning you will notice that your face is much less swollen and your mind will feel much clearer.  It will be much easier to focus and follow others as they speak.

The following day, you will do just the opposite.  For one day, eat a lot of salt (within reason, don’t down the whole salt shaker).  Go nuts on eating pretzels, instant noodles, salted nuts and salty french fries.  Do this on a day where you won’t need to be too sharp-minded the day after.

The following morning go to the mirror and take a look at how swollen your face is.  Your mind will feel cloudy for most of the day.  You will have trouble focusing.

If you want to be in control of your life, you need to control your thoughts.  One very easy way to do this is to help your brain function optimally by minimizing your salt intake.

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