100 Positive Affirmations for Success and How to Use Them

The purpose of this article is to help you attract more success.

The method is to use positive affirmations for success.

Affirmations can certainly help to change your life and help you to realize your wants, dreams and desires.  Many people have credited affirmations as one of the keys to their success.  Some people say that they don’t work, but that is simply because they don’t know how to use positive affirmations for success.

To understand how to use affirmations, and ensure that they work for you, continue reading…

How to Give Affirmations the Power to Create Success

I am a big believer that we are creators.  I not only believe this, I am convinced of it after many, many personal experiments and confirmed this to me beyond any doubt.

When I say we are creators, I don’t mean we can simply manifest  a wad of cash in our hand instantly.  But, we can certainly create wealth…or love…or success.  How?  Read on…

Here’s a crash course in what quantum physicists know about reality:

Quantum physics has shown us that our physical reality is actually not that “physical” and, if you look close enough, everything is made up of energy.  This energy responds to the observer and adapts itself to the nature of the beliefs and expectations of the observer.  In other words, reality dresses itself up according to the clothing you expect or believe it to be wearing.

In the words of scientist Dr. Dean Radin:

Observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it. . . . We compel [the electron] to assume a definite position. . . . We ourselves produce the results of measurement.

Researchers have learned that electrons exist in a fuzzy state of potential, and when you pay attention to something, it will assume a position based off of your expectations and beliefs.  You might want to re-read that last sentence.

Wild, isn’t it?  And quantum physics is one of the most rigorously tested theories there is.

If this boggles your mind, don’t worry, physicists are perplexed too.  But, what really matters is that this is in fact what actually happens – your thoughts significantly shape your physical environment.

So, how can we use this knowledge to achieve success and to realize our dreams?

We can design our beliefs and expectations so that our subconscious minds create the life we want.  If we believe we are successful, we are more likely to be successful.  If we are confident, we are more likely to actually be confident.

Our brains learn by repetition and you can 1) allow your brain to be passively programmed by your experiences and environment or you can 2) set about intelligently doing the programming yourself.  One way or the other, your brain gets programmed and you form habits.  And doing the programming yourself is not nearly as complicated as it sounds.  We have the ability to choose how we want to be and the key to all of this lies in one word: repetition.

Repetition will convince your subconscious mind.  Just like you can’t go to the gym once and be fit for life, this is a practice.  Just as you condition your body, you can condition your mind.  But the results are much more exhilarating than a trip to the gym!

If you convince your subconscious mind that you are, for example, confident, or wealthy, or healthy, you will actually see these aspects grow in your life.

This seems like science fiction, but remember, this is what scientific experiment after experiment is telling us about our reality.

There are many ways we can convince our subconscious minds: imagination, affirmations, using our body, generating emotions. For now, we are focusing on affirmations, specifically positive affirmations for success in love, health and wealth.

As I mentioned before, many people have trouble with affirmations and the reason is very simple: they repeat them without feeling, like a robot.  The goal of saying affirmations is not to say them as many times as possible, but instead, to deeply feel that the affirmation is true.

In other words, the purpose of affirmations is to imagine (to make believe) that what you are saying is currently your reality, to experience the reality within, to feel the truth of your affirmations within your own mind right now.  It doesn’t matter what the world around you is telling you.  Judge not by circumstances!  The world around you is the result of past thoughts and beliefs.

Your affirmations are creating your future, from the inside out.  Your internal reality is pregnant with your future external reality.

So, when you use affirmations, get yourself to really feel how to feels to have these things or experience these experiences.  Feel it now and disregard what the world around you tells you.  Suspend belief…make believe…let yourself vividly imagine.

The more you strengthen and clarify your inner vision, the more potency it has to shape your future according to your vision.

Feel like creating your own affirmations? This positive words list may help!

100 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Success

Here are 100 powerful positive affirmations for success that you can use to design the future your want.  Choose those which resonate with you – those which make you feel great.

In my own experience, I have found it useful to have only 2-3 affirmations for success and to repeat them as much as possible throughout the day.  If I have too many, they get muddled in my brain.  Keep things focused – focus is power (think of a laser beam).  And, if it seems the affirmations are not as effective as they once were, then simply find new ones to replace them.  Personally, I prefer those that are short and to the point.

Remember, these are daily affirmations for success, not one time affirmations.

Repetition is key.  Feeling that these things are out there and are already yours is key.  Life externalizes from your thoughts and beliefs.

  1. I am successful.
  2. I am a magnet for success.
  3. Love, health and success are attracted to me.
  4. I have unstoppable confidence within me.
  5. Life just feels great all of the time.
  6. There is always a way if I am committed.
  7. I am so excited because all of my dreams are coming true.
  8. Great things always seem to come my way.
  9. I am a naturally happy person.
  10. I am a naturally confident person.
  11. Opportunities just seem to fall right into my lap.
  12. I am full of energy and life.
  13. I am a good person who deserves success and happiness.
  14. I love myself for who I am.
  15. Everything always works out for me.
  16. I am highly motivated and productive.
  17. It doesn’t matter what others think of me, for I know who I am.
  18. I am a center for positivity, joy and love.
  19. I am incredibly grateful for all of my success.
  20. I use positive thinking to manifest a positive life.
  21. I choose to think positive and create a wonderful life for myself.
  22. I find it easy to succeed at everything I do.
  23. People look at me and wonder how I so naturally attract success.
  24. I think BIG.
  25. I act fearlessly.
  26. The universe always provides for me.
  27. I am so happy and grateful for my life.
  28. Things have a way of working themselves out.
  29. I have such an amazing life.
  30. I am so lucky.  Life is rigged in my favor.
  31. I love who I am and I love my life.
  32. My goals and dreams always come true.
  33. I am passionate about constantly being better and more successful.
  34. Somehow the universe just always helps me achieve my goals.
  35. My dreams are materializing before my very eyes.
  36. The wealth of the universe is circulating in my life and flowing to me in avalanches of prosperity.
  37. Money wants me.
  38. I am very motivated, driven and ambitious.
  39. I can easily pick myself up and lift my spirits when needed.
  40. I find it easy to be optimistic.
  41. I only permit positive thoughts to remain in my mind.
  42. Wealth is all around me.
  43. I am surrounded by abundance.
  44. When I go after what I want, it comes to me.
  45. My mind is a magnet for all good things.
  46. I have success in all areas of my life.
  47. I am grateful that I am so healthy, happy and successful.
  48. Success comes naturally to me.
  49. Everything I do always results in great success.
  50. I can never fail, for everything that happens contributes to me being better.
  51. The seeds of my greatness lie in my mind.
  52. I am love, health and wealth.
  53. My affirmations for success always bear fruit.
  54. Others are inspired by my success.
  55. I am incredibly successful.
  56. I am decisive, confident and take action.
  57. It is so easy to achieve my goals.
  58. The universe is friendly and helps me to achieve my dreams.
  59. Right now, I am exactly what and where I want to be.
  60. Others are attracted to me because I am always successful.
  61. I continuously enhance all areas of my life.
  62. Life just keeps getting better and better.
  63. Every day I move closer to my goals and dreams.
  64. I am resilient, persistent and dedicated.
  65. I have the will and desire to reach unlimited heights of success.
  66. I can and will achieve whatever I set my mind to.
  67. I deserve success.
  68. I give of myself and the universe showers me in rewards.
  69. Wealth and success are normal for me.
  70. I am happy, healthy and wealthy.
  71. Life is an incredibly exciting and beautiful journey.
  72. The vision within me is creating the world around me.
  73. I am full of boundless positive energy.
  74. I see happiness and success wherever I go.
  75. Everywhere I go I create joy, love and success.
  76. Success comes from my mind.
  77. My beliefs determine my reality and I am the master of my beliefs.
  78. There is nothing I cannot do.
  79. I am a force for positive change.
  80. Happiness and success are automatic for me.
  81. My positive affirmations for love and success always work.
  82. I have the power to create my life the way I want it.
  83. I can move mountains with my mind.
  84. I believe deeply that I can achieve anything.
  85. Everyday I am more and more successful.
  86. Success comes effortlessly to me.
  87. My life is filled with abundance and prosperity.
  88. It is so easy for me to succeed, even in the face of criticism.
  89. I know what I want and I achieve it.
  90. I can motivate myself with the snap of my fingers.
  91. I am strong, powerful and confident.
  92. I am destined for greatness.
  93. Life is a great adventure.
  94. Today I will take steps towards realizing my dreams.
  95. Everything I could every want or need is already out there, waiting to come to me.
  96. I feel refreshed, excited and determined to excel today.
  97. I can get myself in the right state of mind easily and in an instant.
  98. My thoughts create my reality and I am the master of my thoughts.
  99. I am in charge of my life.
  100. My thoughts and ideas are the seedlings of my success.

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