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Large Blog ImageThis moment right now could change the direction of your life forever. Take a deep breath…

The problem of life lies in learning how to live.  It is like a schoolchild learning addition and subtraction.  Once it is understood, the problem vanishes, and pain, frustration and difficulty cease.


These are the goals of life and the purpose of this site is to help you to have an abundance of all of these. We are all, right now, in the painful process of learning how to live.  As we, one by one, come to understand how to live, the problems of life will be solved in the hearts of all of humanity.

The purpose of this site is to help you to master life.   It is for people who want to place their hands on the steering wheel of life and create their future.  It is designed to not only challenge your perspective, but most importantly, to stimulate you into action!

We will give you practical tools to help you design your life.

You will achieve results.  There is no other possible outcome besides becoming better.

What is a Completed Thought?

About Me

Completed Thoughts Photo and GravatarMy name is Richard.  I run this site, but it’s not for me, it is for you.

I am a teacher, author, speaker, coach and adventurer.  I have helped thousands of people to transform their lives and become empowered.

My goal with this site is to give you the tools and ability to unleash within you the massive hidden power to transform your life.

You can contact me here if interested.  I am happy to hear from you.

I am committed to spending my life becoming a better person and using what I learn to help others to do the same.  My life has become infinitely richer and more meaningful since I discovered the journey within.  My goal is to inspire and motivate you and to give you the tools necessary to design a better life.

At a young age I became interested in personal growth and was in constant pursuit of a challenge.  Years ago, I became interested in Asian religions and philosophy and pursued graduate work in this field.  I began to practice meditation and yoga.  Soon after, I moved to China, seeking a greater challenge.  There, I was pushed far beyond my confort zone and learned how to become more resourceful.

I worked as an English teacher and, in my free time, taught myself Mandarin Chinese.  I married a woman whose culture and native language are different from my own.  These experiences have shown me how easy it is to misunderstand and how important it is to be aware and observe and study life in order to gain a true understanding.  I have been fortunate enough to have experienced valuable moments of realization and inspiration which have helped me to understand life more clearly.

Upon realizing that most self-development websites are full of good ideas, but provide very little guidance in how to actually go about creating change, I decided to create this site.  The insights and ideas here are the product of my experience and the experiences of dozens of great men and women who have come before me and articulated the same ideas in many different ways.  Every bit of wisdom on this site has been distilled to me, bit by bit, by the writings or actions of geniuses of the past and present or through my own meditations, observations and practices.  My goal is to help guide you to a better life.

I find life to be magical, exciting and beautiful and wish to share this with you.  I am astonished at the power that we have lying dormant within us.

When our spirit rises up and takes over, the universe is ready to obey.

Why I Write at Completed Thoughts

When I read the forward to the book “From Poverty to Power” by James Allen, it was as if I had written these same words over a hundred years ago.  I feel as if I were born with these words written in my soul and, trying for a hundred years I could not put my own experience and purpose as eloquently as he has.  Therefore, if you ask me why I write this blog, I humbly quote Mr. Allen:

“I looked around upon the world and saw that it was shadowed by sorrow and scorched by the fierce fires of suffering.  And I looked for the cause.  I looked around for it but could not find it; I looked in books but could not find it; I looked within and found there both the cause and the self-made nature of the cause.  I looked again, and deeper, and found the remedy.  I found one law, the law of love; one life, the life of adjustment to that law; one truth, the truth of a conquered mind and a quiet and obedient heart.  And I dreamed of writing a book which should help men and women, whether rich or poor, learned or unlearned, worldly or unworldly, to find within themselves the source of all success, all happiness, all accomplishment, all truth.  And the dream remained with me and at last became substantial; and now I send it forth into the world on its mission of healing and blessedness, knowing that it cannot fail to reach the homes and hearts of those who are waiting and ready to receive it.”

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