Enlightenment in 5 Minutes

If a person stands in a room which is in complete darkness, he or she will be uncertain as to where he should go. It will be difficult to perceive and judge the distance and shape of objects. Therefore, this person would move slowly, cautiously and with confusion and fear. However, should a light be switched on, in an instant, all will become clear and the person will be able to move around the room in comfort, ease and without fear.

Life is often like a dark room and we move through it with uncertainty. This little article is intended to be a light unto any dark rooms in which you may find yourself.

We make our own life. It is our own state of mind, our own attitude, which determines if we are kind or selfish, calm or troubled, happy or unhappy, in control or being controlled.

Our state of mind is often a reaction to things which happen around us, yet the cause is always within. We have within us the power and ability to choose our thoughts, feelings and reaction to the world around us.

The mind, your thoughts, can either be your master or your slave. There is no in between. This sounds harsh, but nevertheless, it is.

“For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his mind will be the greatest enemy.” – Bhagavad Gita

Our mind will take control of us by default, unless we choose to take over as director of our own thoughts. And when we do, at first, it can be difficult. Like any habit, it seems hard at the start, but with practice becomes easier and, very soon, becomes natural, our new state.

All life happens now. All thoughts and actions occur in the present moment. The past is always gone and the future is always just around the corner.

Life is the eternal now, we forever exist in this moment only.

We, therefore, do not need to control our thoughts all the time. And we do not need to feel that we will forever struggle and fight to master our minds. We only need to do so right now.

Only now, right now, is there any need to choose our state of mind, our attitude. And it will always be this way. It is no matter what your attitude was five minutes ago, and do not concern yourself with what it may be tomorrow.

If you rise up and take the reigns of your mind right now and you choose the state of mind that you wish to choose, then your world is perfect.

Those who have little practice in doing this may insist that it is difficult. Yet it is very simple. The problem is that we have created for ourselves obstacles and then we try to overcome them.

Stop struggling, stop trying. Calm yourself and take your seat at the throne of your mind.

If this still feels like a challenge, go somewhere alone, sit comfortably and close your eyes and just observe yourself. Pay attention and, when you are ready, as a general commands his eternally loyal troops, declare yourself to be whatever state of mind you choose.

Do this and you are master of your mind, and you have become the light which illuminates your own life. And you shall no longer need to stumble about in confusion, for you will see the way of life. All will be clear along your path and you can walk the road of life in calmness, peace and serenity.

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