Thoughts Become Things: The Master Key System – Weeks 11 & 12

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If you are looking for a clear plan to develop your potential, to become what you want to be and do and have what you want to do and have, I greatly recommend you enter on the path of The Master Key System.  It will change your life, guaranteed.

This is a summary and review of my experience reading and applying the 11th & 12th chapters of Charles Haanel’s The Master Key System (free pdf download).  This book was originally intended to be a weekly correspondence course, with each chapter being the focus of one week.  I am following this original intention of the author.  You can read the summary of each chapter and my reflections here.

Week 11

This chapter begins by talking about a method of reasoning called inductive reasoning, in which we compare a number of different situations until we discover a common cause.  For example, if my goal was to get rich, then I could go about studying many different self-made men and women until I discovered something which they all had in common that had led to their ability to become wealthy.

Haanel tells us that it is this type of reasoning which moves us forward as a species and helps us to become more conscious beings, better understanding cause and effect.  And, since all cause originates in our minds, this helps us to comprehend how we create the effects which make up our world.

He then focuses the reader on a quote from the bible which says, “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

Years ago, had I read this quote, I would’ve most likely dismissed it.  However, when I read it now, I can see a meaning in it that I couldn’t comprehend years ago.

This is a method for accomplishing anything which has been given by not only the bible, but Plato, Swedenborg and others.  In essence this method is as follows:

We are first to believe that our desire has already been fulfilled, its accomplishment will then follow.  To succeed in anything, we must first believe that our success has been accomplished.

Now, it can be tricky to wrap your head around this idea, but doing so can bring about a profound shift in the way you see the world.  Haanel tells us that this is how we impress our wants on the Universal in order to bring about what we desire.

Of course, this seems mystical, magical and unbelievable to many people.  However, the more experience I have and the more I understand about life, the more this seems to be confirmed in my life and in what I observe.

This seems less fantastical when we present it in a scientific light.  Thought, which is a form of energy that has been measured, has a vibration.  The particular vibration of an object determines what it is attracted to and repelled from, just like the various elements that constitute the water, soil, air, etc. around us.  A persistent thought grows and strengthens to the point where its frequency is a magnetizing force for that which it correlates with, that which is complementary to it.

Simply put, as an example, thoughts of lack bring about lack, thoughts of abundance bring abundance.  Thoughts of health improve one’s health, and a focus on disease and pain bring further deterioration of health.

Thoughts are causes and can bring about a domino effect.

Quantum physics is showing us the truly amazing power of thought and experiments seem to be showing us that what we perceive and experience are influenced (or perhaps even created) by the beliefs of the observer.  In other words, what you most believe is the form that the universe will take.

It seems that Haanel’s insights are being confirmed by modern science.

For the exercise this week Haanel tells us to concentrate on the quote above from the Bible, and to notice that there is no limitation on our desires (Whatsoever things ye desire), and that any limitation on what we can achieve is placed upon us by ourselves.

Week 12

Chapter 12 starts out by addressing the importance of focus on one’s goal.  “If a sculptor started out with a piece of marble and a chisel,” Haanel says, “and changed his ideal every fifteen minutes, what result could he expect?”

It is a simple truth that, in order to create anything wonderful, we must know clearly what we want, and then persist until we find a way to accomplish and realize it.  Many people squander their mental resources by aimlessly putting forth effort in all sorts of different directions.  If all this time and effort were focused in on a single goal, wonders could be accomplished (and are being accomplished by many every day).

Haanel then takes a moment to warn us to stay away from things such as séances, telepathy and hypnotism.

Emotions and feelings, he says, add vitality to our thought, it magnetizes them.  Love is the most powerful of all the emotions and, thought combined with love, is the mightiest force there is.

By wrapping our thoughts in love, we ensure that the effects of our thought and actions will be positive for all.  By governing our thoughts now, we help create a future which will be in accordance with what we desire.  If we don’t direct our thoughts, then they are scattered and have no focus and strength and attract very little.  Or worse, if we dwell in negative thoughts, we magnetize to us that which correlates to negative thoughts: negative circumstances.

For the exercise for week 12, you are first instructed to relax mentally and physically and then to,

“…realize your unity with omnipotence; get into touch with this power, come into a deep and vital understanding, appreciation, and realization of the fact that your ability to think is your ability to act upon the Universal Mind, and bring it into manifestation, realize that it will meet any requirement’ that you have the exact same potential ability which any individual ever did have or ever will have, because each is but an expression or manifestation of the One, all are parts of the whole, there is no difference in kind or quality, the only difference being one of degree.”

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