The Problems of Life Can Be Solved

The Problems of Life Can Be Solved

The problems of life can be solved.  As we get older we learn a few more things about how the world works and we become better at dealing with what happens to us, we become more adept at handling life’s problems.  This is because we know more, have more experience and have more wisdom.

We learn how to live as if we are crossing a river by feeling for underwater stones along the way on which to walk.  We see no instruction manual, yet we slowly learn the lessons of life, some more than others.

Yet most of us do learn and do become better at living and, as time goes on, the problems of life are more easily overcome and solved, if we do one very important thing: grow.

Growth is the purpose of all life.  From the seed of the oak tree to the human mind, everything seeks growth, increase and expansion.  We want to know more and have more, we strive to better our lives and seek more love, more possessions, more joy.  We grow, or we wither and die.

We are on a treadmill of growth.  If we keep moving, keep growing, things go well and we thrive.  Yet if we stand still, we tumble and fall.  Life requires us to keep moving, keep improving our life.  There is something within us which compels us on.

As we grow, we learn more, we understand more.  When we understand more, we know how to solve more of life’s problems.  Life becomes easier and more joyful.  It is clear that a greater understanding of how life works is the key to our happiness and well-being.

And we all seek to understand, to have wisdom, to know, because we instinctually perceive this truth.  Yet, many of us only meet with confusion.  We do not know why we fail, why we struggle, why others succeed where we have not.  So we try something else.  We look for the answer, we hunt for the solution.  But we do not find it.

We seek better relationships, we hope to change the people we love, we pursue a new job or buy something new in the hope that it will fill the void and confusion within us.  And many don’t realize the simple truth: just look within.

The world within us holds the seed to every problem and every joy of your life.  The answer to every question can be found within you.

For most of history, the majority of people have not realized this incredibly important lesson of life.  Yet it is of the utmost significance to your health, well-being and joy.  We have problems, we struggle, because we don’t understand the causes of our problems.  We erronously believe they come from outside us.

You are the source of your future.  You create your destiny, whether or not you are trying to.  Your thoughts crystallize into habits.  Your habits determine how you think, act and feel.  And your presence significantly affects the people around you and how they treat you and react to you.

Your thoughts are seeds for the future.  You can plant seeds which will bring you beauty, love and joy.  And you don’t need anything else.  You don’t need to wait until you have a different job or a different relationship or a different life.  You have everything you need right now to begin to transform your life.

It does not matter what you did in your past.  What you do in the present moment is what will determine your future.

But, there is a catch.  You must actually do something, you must take action.  Reading this will not be enough unless you act.

So, what can you do to begin to plant the seeds of thought which will grow into a more abundant and happier life?  Look within.

The answer is so simple, it deceives people and many continue about in their vain search outside of themselves.  But it is defintely the key to life transformation.

So how do you look within?  Again, it is simple.  Find a nice, quiet place and sit erect.  Close your eyes and physically relax as best you can.  Decide that you will not physcially move at all.  Stay like this for at least fifteen minutes.  This is all you need to do to begin to change your life.  Do this on a regular basis, ideally every day.

If you say that this is too hard or you don’t have the time or you just don’t want to do this, then you have chosen for yourself pain and confusion.  If you want to grow and increase the joy, love and happiness in your life, try this simple exercise.  It will amaze you.

The first time you do this, it will most likely be difficult, the same as any new habit.  After a few times, it will get easier.  Soon it will begin to be comfortable.  Eventually, it will become natural and you will frequently seek out this silence.

Over time, your mind will calm, like the fading ripples on a pond after a stone was thrown in, and you will see life with greater clarity.  And, as you see life with new eyes, everything will become easier.  Life will become effortless and comforting.

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