What is a Completed Thought?

Throughout your life you will have an infinite number of thoughts.  Many are worth noticing, some are worth contemplating and a few are worth acting on until they have become a part of your external reality.  A completed thought is when your mind discovers a thought which is worth nurturing into a clear idea which compels you to then successfully manifest it into the world.  Another way to say it is that a completed thought is a thought that has been put out into the world for you and others to experience and be inspired by.

Here is a simple example: you think about how nice it would be to have some soup, you decide to make the soup, you have the urge to season the soup to your liking.  You then eat and enjoy the soup.  Your thought “I’d like some soup” has led to its successful completion because you took action and made and ate the soup.  It has become a completed thought.  You took it from thought to successful completion.

Another example is: perhaps you are a nurse and are frustrated by the unreliability of a specific medical instrument.  You get an idea to improve it, discuss it with other medical professionals, experiment, file a patent and bring your product to the world.  Originally, the product which you now hold in your hand was merely a thought in your mind.

It is the same with all creative pursuits, from painting and music to motivating employees and coming up with a reward system for your children.  A completed thought is a thought that you noticed, made a decision about and took action on until it became a reality.  A completed thought changes the world.

What is Life and Why Are You Here?

You are a creative force.  Your thoughts, feelings and actions influence the world around you and bring about effects, positive or negative.  You cannot change your past, however your actions today will mold your future.  You create your own character through your thoughts.  Think thoughts of goodness and you will create good effects.  Think evil thoughts and you will be compelled to evil actions, which will bring back to you suffering and pain.

You alone create your destiny.  You alone are responsible.  You can choose your future by becoming the master of yourself or you can be a slave.  Either way, you design your future.  If you seize control of your mind and radically alter your thoughts, you will be in awe of the power with which you can transform your destiny.

You are the doer of your own deeds.  Therefore you are the maker of your own character.  As the maker of your own character, you are molder of your destiny.  Every thought you think, for good or bad, is defining what your future shall be.

This is the great adventure of life.  This is the beauty of life.  This is true power.  The greatest moments of joy and excitement will come from within you, from your discovery and intelligent use of your creative power.  This website is my invitation to you to join those of us who shake off the chains that bind us and rise up to become masters of ourselves.


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