A Path to Serenity – The Master Key System: Weeks 13-18

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If you are looking for a clear plan to develop your potential, to become what you want to be and do and have what you want to do and have, I greatly recommend you enter on the path of The Master Key System.  It will change your life, guaranteed.

This is a summary and review of my experience reading and applying the 13th – 18th chapters of Charles Haanel’s The Master Key System (free pdf download).  This book was originally intended to be a weekly correspondence course, with each chapter being the focus of one week.  I am following this original intention of the author.  You can read the summary of each chapter and my reflections here.

Chapters 13-18

If you are reading this, most likely you already know quite a bit about The Master Key System.  If not, I recommend you check out my review of the first chapter.

These six chapters continue to build upon the foundation laid out in the previous chapters.  The philosophy is further clarified and exercises are given to strengthen the practitioner’s visualization and meditation abilities and also the ability to take persistent, focused action.

Rather than go chapter by chapter, I am going to 1) lay out the philosophy as I have come to understand it, and 2) the results I have seen in my own life since putting into practice the ideas and exercises set forth in The Master Key System.

The Philosophy

After 18 weeks of spending some time every single day reading and contemplating the author, Charles Haanel’s ideas, I have come in to a rather thorough understanding of his philosophy.

Essentially, Haanel tells us that our thoughts have a very real and measurable effect on our life.  The more radically you alter your thoughts, the more dramatic will be the change in your life.

This change is brought about by what he termed “The Law of Attraction” (long before the film The Secret popularized this term), which is nothing mystical, but rather is a law of life that we can observe in action all around us, from plants attracting the minerals and vitamins from the soil they need to the right person showing up at the right time in your life.

Thoughts, we have now discovered, emit a frequency, which make them attract or repel other thoughts and objects.  A thought can act as a puzzle piece, designed to connect with certain other thoughts or things and not with others.

Like attracts like, meaning that thoughts of beauty and harmony attracts circumstances of peace and calmness, whereas thoughts of anger and fear bring about circumstances of distress and discord.

In other words, your thoughts determine your reality, literally.

At first most of us are very skeptical of such an assertion (myself included), yet when I decided to test out his idea, I have found his philosophy to become more and more convincing.  In fact, it now seems quote obvious to me that he is quite right.

Haanel was very much ahead of his time in that his philosophy of the universe is also very much in accordance with what Quantum Physics is not showing us to be the nature of reality, namely that the universe adapts itself to the thoughts we hold in our minds.

While this may seem very bizarre, quantum physics is actually one of the most rigorously tested of sciences and, though much of it baffles the physicists themselves, we are discovering that, nonetheless, these strange ideas are true. (Check out these mind-blowing facts from quantum physics)

Haanel’s philosophy could be summed up by saying: take control of your mind and you will be able to create your future as you like.

So, as exciting as this is, the next question would be, “How do I take control of my mind?”  The answer is, do the exercises he gives you and you will.

The Exercises and Results

At the end of each week’s chapter, Haanel prescribes a simple exercise to develop the ability to become the lord and master of the domain of the mind.  He repeatedly says that just reading will accomplish nothing, that change will only come by putting into practice what we know.  Therefore, his exercises are a must in seeing any transformation.

After 18 weeks of daily practice, I have noticed a few dramatic changes.  Most notably is my ability to concentrate.  I am now able to hold my focus, at will, on an idea almost indefinitely.  18 weeks ago, my mind would wander off within a few seconds of trying to focus on something.  This has radically changed my ability to successfully accomplish any task.  Because of this, my confidence has skyrocketed.

When someone is speaking with me I never find my mind wandering anymore, now I can completely immerse myself in their words and absorb all they say, and therefore, can respond and help much more effectively.

I have also developed a much clearer understanding of how the universe works and, though I do not yet completely understand this, I seem to be much more accurate in predicting how things will unfold.

Perhaps most wonderful is that I basically now never have negative thoughts and feelings, or if I do, I quickly identify them and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.  I am nearly always calm, happy and at ease.  And this, I believe, really is the crown jewel of The Master Key System.

Because of the daily contemplation upon the philosophy and daily practice of the exercises, I have been able to dramatically improve the control I have over my own thoughts and emotions.  And, in the end, it’s all about how you see things.

I will continue The Master Key System for the remaining 6 weeks and will write a final analysis upon completion.  However, I can already safely say that it has radically transformed my life, bringing about much more inner peace and serenity as well as the ability to persist, concentrate and control my destiny.

This book is very highly recommended.  There is a link above for the free pdf or you can find it on Amazon as well.

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