32 Positive Quotes About Life and How To Train Your Brain

Looking for a list of quotes?  See the Top 50 Inspirational Quotes, guaranteed to motivate and inspire you! Almost everyone loves inspirational and positive quotes.  A good quote can touch the depths of our soul and remind us of what truly matters in life.  However, we tend to forget them as we go about our day, and the … Read more

Does Contentment Put an End to Self-Improvement?

Yesterday I was walking in downtown Zhuhai, the city in which I live in China.  Lying on the sidewalk was a man who was clearly homeless.  His pants were ripped and stained, his hair was matted and random and he was using a dirty plastic bag, stuffed full, as a pillow.  He was flat on … Read more

How to Eliminate Procrastination in 5 Minutes

I’m going to share with you an easy technique that I use to eliminate procrastination in 5 minutes or less.  To stop procrastinating, first, we need to understand why we procrastinate.  Know thy enemy, right? Why do we procrastinate?  Basically, it comes down to two things: pain and pleasure. Nearly every action we take in … Read more

I Manifested A Million Dollars With My Mind

I like reading articles written by Steve Pavlina.  If you’re not familiar with him, he is one of the well-known self-development bloggers.  The other day, I read something he wrote about manifesting money.  Basically, he introduces something called the Intention – Manifestation model which he sums up nicely as: saying to the universe “Here is the … Read more

Why I Ask My Wife to Marry Me Every Single Day

I ask my wife to marry me everyday.  Or sometimes I thank her for marrying me.  Every single day, I make sure that my wife knows that I love being married to her.  It has been almost ten years since our first date, we’ve been married for over six years and I plan to let her know … Read more