Thank You For Everything, I Have No Complaint Whatsoever

To whoever or whatever is behind all of this, this life, I am grateful. Thank you for all of the things I take for granted, for the gifts which I have become accustomed to. Thank you for occasionally catching me in the rain, so that I may be reminded of how incredibly fun it is. Thank … Read more

8 Amazing Innovations That Show the Future Is Brighter Than You Think

Whatever you do, don’t get hit by a truck before 2029 arrives because, according to futurist Ray Kurzweil, that is when we’ll start living forever.  Kurzweil – the Director of Engineering for Google and dubbed the smartest futurist on Earth by Bill Gates – has consistently correctly predicted new technologies – with 86% accuracy – … Read more

I Might Forget This, But I Hope You Won’t

Move kindly through life, remembering that everyone is fighting their own battle within. Be grateful that life is temporary, for that is precisely what makes it all so precious. Enjoy goosebumps, déjà vu, dreams and chills up the spine which remind us of the magic in the world. When something happens and you want to … Read more

Taking Action – A Simple Way to Overcome Procrastination

If we know something is good for us, why is it that we often still don’t do it?  And, why do we do things that we know we should not do, that are not in our best interest?  I believe I know the answer and I have a simple remedy. I recently published an article titled The 3-Day Happiness Adventure: … Read more