10 Questions That Will Transform Your Life

Have you ever asked yourself questions like these? “Why do I have to get up so early?” “Why is this happening to me?” “I’m screwed, aren’t I?” “Why is life so hard?” “I should just give up, shouldn’t I? If you are like the average person, you have asked yourself questions such as these many … Read more

A 1 Minute Video That’ll Make You Smile

Few things in life are more important than laughter.  Therefore, I just wanted to share this one minute video (good morning memes).  It makes me smile and I hope it does the same for you too! (You can watch it on youtube here)   See these Good Morning Memes on Huffington Post.

6 Powerful Ways to Connect With a Partner

Not long ago, a female acquaintance was walking with my wife and I and said, “You need to tell me what your secret it is.  You two are so sweet with each other.  I thought you were newlyweds!” Our “secret” isn’t really a secret, and it is easily explained and illustrated.  I am more than … Read more