3 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams

What is a part of your life today that was once just a dream?  What was merely just a hope, wish or desire that is now realized and a part of your life today?  I know there are aspects of your life that once seemed impossible or incredibly difficult to achieve, yet you found a way. Perhaps it … Read more

You Have Beaten the Odds

You have beaten the odds.  The odds were against you ever seeing this article.  The chain of events which led you to this moment right now is long and complicated.  The path that led you here could have easily veered off in another direction.  And perhaps this moment right now is one which will be truly valuable and … Read more

Common Challenges Bring Rich Rewards

I first came to China to study Mandarin Chinese ten years ago (in 2005).  It has been an enormous challenge and has taught me that mastery is a process, not a finish line. I have learned much; particularly patience and persistence.  When I first began studying, I felt I wasn’t learning quickly enough.  I would go outside … Read more

How to Program Your Brain: 101

“This iceberg,” my professor said to my classmates and I, “is like your mind.”  I can still recall being in the college lecture hall, as a psychology major, looking up at the picture of the iceberg on the overhead projector.  I was struck by how much of the iceberg was below the water lever. “That … Read more

With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

The repairman of my apartment complex stepped into my home.  His lifetime of thoughts were communicated to me in an instant.  Years of worry, sadness and pain were thoroughly contoured onto his face.  Lines ran deep, leaving proof, as clear as day, of a life of defeat.  His eyes have retreated deep into their sockets and … Read more