The Power of Breath

The Power of Breath

This entire site is founded on the idea of self-development.  Everything accomplished in life requires some effort, some energy.  However, so many people barely have enough energy to get through the day.  Many people have all these great goals and possibilities, so many things they want to achieve, but they fall short, simply because they just don’t have the energy.

In order to work on your goals, it requires energy.  If you want to change your life, be healthier, give more, create more or make more, it requires energy.  Anything in life that has any value will require the use of energy.

While diet and water-intake are very important, of the utmost importance is your breath.  If you want to have an abundance of energy to do and achieve everything you want in life, you must understand the power of breath.  Oxygen is the foundation of all energy.

You can live for a few weeks without food, a few days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen.  Your entire body is only as healthy as the cells that make it up.  The health of your cells is determined primarily by your bloodstream.  If your bloodstream is healthy, so too will you be.  If it is toxic and polluted, you will be too.  So how do we keep the bloodstream clean?  The answer is your breath.

Your breath is the control-switch to the mechanism that cleanses your bloodstream.  Deep, diaphragmatic breathing activates this mechanism.  This mechanism is the lymphatic system, which contains the white blood cells that cleanse your body and protect your cells.  Every cell is surrounded by lymph and, in fact, your body has four times more lymph than blood.

You breathe in oxygen through your lungs, which is carried through your bloodstream and diffused into the lymph around your cells.  Your cells then intelligently take the oxygen and minerals necessary for its health.  And, like all living things, they must get rid of the dangerous things that come in through the blood and other unhealthy byproducts.

Dead cells and these toxins must be removed by the body’s lymph system.  The lymph system is activated by deep breathing and muscular movement (this is why aerobic exercise is so crucial).  Your blood has a pump (the heart).  Your lymph has the breath.

If you want to stimulate your lymph (your body’s ability to cleanse itself) the quickest and most effective way is to take some deep breaths from your diaphragm.  In case you don’t know, that means that you can see your stomach rise and fall with your breaths, not your rib cage.

Yes, diet and water are important, but breath is of the utmost importance.  One way to keep the bloodstream clean is to minimize the toxins you bring in through your diet.  Another way is to ensure that there is adequate water in your body.  However, no matter how clean your diet and how well hydrated you stay, things that can harm your body will enter your system.  Your body must clean them out to maintain health.

If you want to increase your health in any way, you better take a long, hard look at any program or method that does not include the breath as one of the key components.

See the link below for specific breathing exercises you can do to dramatically increase your energy levels and improve your health.  The entire routine takes only about 5-10 minutes:

Skyrocket Your Energy With These Breathing Exercises

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