Finding Inner Peace: A Recipe For Serenity and Joy

How you live your life is your decision.  You cannot always contol what happens to you, however you can control how you react.  Your mind is yours, it is within your power, within your control.  It is your domain and there is a recipe for finding inner peace.

I have, in fact, two recipes for you: a recipe for a life of confusion and suffering and a recipe for serenity and joy.  The first will bring you a life of inner turmoil while the second will aid you in finding inner peace.

A Recipe for a Life of Confusion and Suffering

Here is a recipe for ensuring that your life is full of confusion and pain.  Look for all answers and solutions outside of yourself and pay no attention to what goes on inside your mind and your emotions.  Distract yourself from morning until night.  At every opportunity, pull out your phone or turn on your TV so that you don’t have to confront your thoughts.  Do not take the time to explore your mind.  As sure as the sun will rise in the east, this will will bring you a life of pain and constant running.  Life will be a struggle.

A Recipe For a Life of Serenity and Joy

Here is a recipe for finding inner peace.  Frequently take time out and pause and eliminate distractions.  Direct your attention within and declare your thoughts, emotions and body to be your dominion over which you rule with absolute authority.  Clarify for yourself what you want, decide you will work towards it, pay attention to what happens and adjust your methods until you become better and better.

Study and learn how to program your brain, for it is very possible.  In fact, if you observe those who find success (in all its forms), you will see that they put effort into deciding how to use their minds.  Listen for, trust and act upon your intuition and seek to understand the causes of each effect.  Life will be a thrilling adventure full of abundance, excitement and beauty.

Finding Inner Peace A Recipe For Serenity and JoyTaking The First Step

The first step is paying attention.  You have a choice: you can be controlled and live a life of confusion and suffering or you can seize control of the reigns of your mind and choose a life of serenity and joy.  It starts with taking a simple step.

To improve your life significantly, simply follow the recipe for serenity and joy.  It begins with decreasing distractions and spending more time looking within.  Direct some attention within.  That is the first step.

All the answers and solutions to life’s challenges will come from within: from your mind, thoughts, intuition and emotions.  However, you have to pay attention to them.  Otherwise the answers and solutions to your problems will pass you by unnoticed and will lie dormant in your subconscious mind.

You have a limited amount of attention.  All around us, everything is demanding our attention: advertisements, our cell phones, the internet, news reports, tv shows, fashion trends, friends, family, colleagues, etc.  You can only read so much.  You can only talk to so many people.  You can only think so much.  Much of this we do need to attend to, but we cannot succeed in life without “paying” some of our attention to our thoughts, intuition and emotions.

If you regularly pause and sit down with yourself, all aspects of your life will be enhanced dramatically. You will gain time, efficiency, effectiveness and enjoyment.  You will become more patient, better at addressing challenges, more able to nurture relationships and better at building rapport with others.  Your life will fill up with positivity, love and abundance.  The most magical part of life, the most exciting and transformative experiences you ever know will come when you set off on the journey within.

I can sit and talk about the benefits until I’m blue in the face, but to truly taste the delights of this you must actually do it.  Try it and see.

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