With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

The repairman of my apartment complex stepped into my home.  His lifetime of thoughts were communicated to me in an instant.  Years of worry, sadness and pain were thoroughly contoured onto his face.  Lines ran deep, leaving proof, as clear as day, of a life of defeat.  His eyes have retreated deep into their sockets and … Read more

Maintaining Calmness

My training starts the moment I begin to pedal my bike.  As I wind through the old back alleys of an unknown part of an average city in China, I maneuver my bike tires so as to avoid the missing bricks and numerous potholes in my path.  I move quickly to the right to avoid an oncoming motorcycle … Read more

Finding Inner Peace: A Recipe For Serenity and Joy

How you live your life is your decision.  You cannot always contol what happens to you, however you can control how you react.  Your mind is yours, it is within your power, within your control.  It is your domain and there is a recipe for finding inner peace. I have, in fact, two recipes for you: … Read more

Transform Your Life: Write Your Own Eulogy

Are you unsure about what to do with your life?  If you died tomorrow would you be satisfied with your legacy?  Are you still in search of your purpose?  There is a simple exercise you can do which can help you to clarify for yourself why you are here, what you really want out of life … Read more

Does Contentment Put an End to Self-Improvement?

Yesterday I was walking in downtown Zhuhai, the city in which I live in China.  Lying on the sidewalk was a man who was clearly homeless.  His pants were ripped and stained, his hair was matted and random and he was using a dirty plastic bag, stuffed full, as a pillow.  He was flat on … Read more