4 Ways I Stay Young and Healthy

When I tell people my age (36), they are often surprised and they tell me I look like I am in my 20’s (you can see a picture of me on the about page).   I have gotten this reaction for about 10 years now and I am sometimes asked how I have accomplished this. … Read more

5 Ways to Get Healthier Instantly

The world is awash in information about health, so I will keep this short and to the point. One thing we can say for sure is that we, as a species, have not mastered health.  Despite the claims of some, we don’t have all the answers.  Often we see conflicting opinions from equally qualified authorities. … Read more

Living An EXTRAordinary Life

Below is a 5 minute video which offers such beautiful guidance and wisdom on how to live an extraordinary life.  I feel there is very little I need to add.  I will, however, make one observation.  All of the advice given in this video can be boiled down to a few suggestions which will, without a doubt, … Read more

The Power of Breath

This entire site is founded on the idea of self-development.  Everything accomplished in life requires some effort, some energy.  However, so many people barely have enough energy to get through the day.  Many people have all these great goals and possibilities, so many things they want to achieve, but they fall short, simply because they … Read more

Skyrocket Your Energy With These Breathing Exercises

Anything of value that we accomplish in life requires an investment of energy.  In order to be healthy and have an abundance of energy, you must first understand the power of breath.  While we all know that breathing is of the utmost importance, we may not fully realize how significantly the way you breathe determines your … Read more