4 Ways I Stay Young and Healthy

When I tell people my age (36), they are often surprised and they tell me I look like I am in my 20’s (you can see a picture of me on the about page).   I have gotten this reaction for about 10 years now and I am sometimes asked how I have accomplished this.  I am able to eat as I wish and I never gain a pound, and have not fluctuated more than a few pounds in either direction my entire adult life.  And I rarely get sick (even years ago when I was a smoker – yuck!).  I have never broken any bones, rarely have sore muscles and generally feel energetic, strong and healthy.  Do I have a secret?  Yes and no.

4 Ways I stay young and healthy lotusFirst of all, I don’t want to go around bragging and I do not claim any special knowledge or ability that anyone else is not capable of.  And who knows if I really do look young or lots of people are just flattering me in the same way?  In any case, I know that I am very healthy and strong and I know from where some of this health and strength come.  After someone recently pleaded with me to tell them what I do to stay young, I decided to write this post.

It is, of course, difficult to know exactly what keeps us young and what ages us.  Most people focus on food and diet, but this has never been a focus of mine.  I have a relatively healthy diet, though this is a somewhat recent habit.  Here are the 4 ways that seem to be most effective in helping me to stay young and healthy.

1. Direct Your Mind

I make an effort to think positive.  I don’t just say a few affirmations in the morning and then go about my day.  I try to weave positive thoughts throughout the fabric of my day.  I discovered that if I did not take an active role in directing my mind, that it would roam aimlessly and often on to negative thoughts.  Therefore, I constantly re-direct my mind to focus on positives.

This is much simpler than many people think.  Here is an easy way to do it:

  • As much as possible, throughout the day, point out the things you love.  Say them out loud.  For example: “I love the way that dress looks on you”, “I love the deep blue of the sky”, “I love how friendly he is”, “I love that I have eyes to see the beauty around me” and so on.
  • Sit in gratitude for a few moments.  List off what you are grateful for in your life and really feel it.

2. Love and Give

Possibly one of the most important keys to staying young and healthy is to give to others.  It is by giving that we receive back.  You give what you get in life, whether it is anger and hatred or love and kindness.

I am also incredibly fortunate to have married an incredible woman.  Much credit goes to her.  In addition, we have cultivated a healthy, loving and reciprocal relationship.  Many people expect relationships to just bloom instantly and burst forth all ready to go.  It takes two conscientious, caring and attentive minds to forge a loving relationship which will keep you full of energizing love and joy.

Of course, it can be hard to find the right person.  But often we struggle precisely because we are so focused on what we want to get out of a relationship.  But, the laws of the universe simply don’t work that way.  You must give in order to receive love.

4 Ways I stay young and healthy zen rocks3. Practice Chilling Out

Stress is, as we have all been told, a major factor in aging.  I have spent a considerable amount of time and energy in my adult years cultivating a calm mind through practices such as yoga and meditation.  Such practices certainly relax a person and this contributes to slower aging, greater health and increased energy.

4. My Super “Secret” Exercises

Every morning, immediately upon waking, I have an exercise routine which I have done for about 17 years.  And I am convinced that this is perhaps one of the keys to my health and youth.

In fact, this is not a secret and I have been telling people about it for years, but these exercises still remain virtually unknown.  However, they are, in my experience, the most potent and effective exercises you can do to stimulate your immune system and blood flow, take in increased oxygen, improve your posture and feel confident and healthy.

What are they?  They are the exercises developed by the osteopathic physician Dr. Robert Fulford and detailed in his amazing book Dr. Fulford’s Touch of Life: The Healing Power of the Natural Life Force.

Dr. Fulford, who wrote this book when he was 91 years old, was one of the most successful doctors in modern history.  He repeatedly was able to heal people when other doctors could not.  Again and again, people who were told that they had no chance of survival were healed by Dr. Fulford in one or two hour-long sessions.

He was one of the world’s very few true healers, because he was actually able to permanently eliminate deadly diseases quickly, easily and without surgery.

Dr. Fulford applied the osteopathic philosophy that the body is able to heal itself (think about what happens when you get a cut on your finger) when things are flowing properly.  He used his hands to free up blockages of all sorts and to gently adjust the musculoskeletal system.  The osteopathic doctors today recognize him as the greatest and few, if any, can come close to repeating his success.

Dr Fulford's Touch of LifeThere are 8 exercises and they take about 30 minutes to do well.  These exercises are unique in that they require no equipment, can be done anywhere, do not require much exertion and can be done by virtually anyone.  These are the exercises that Dr. Fulford recommended to his patients.  A few of these exercises harness the healing power of breath.

In addition to the life-changing exercises given in this book, Dr. Fulford’s words will help you to see the world around you unlike you ever did before.  In such a simplicity of style, he tells the tale of the life force which exists in everything.  The book is truly inspirational and soothes the soul.  I re-read it often.

Because these are not my exercises and are copyrighted, I cannot legally share pictures and details about them.  However, you can find them in Dr. Fulford’s book, which you can get for a few dollars on Amazon here.  I cannot recommend it highly enough, it is terrific.

So, while we will probably never find a true fountain of youth, hopefully my experiences and recommendations can help to keep you young in spirit and in body!  May you live a long, happy and healthy life full of love.

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